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Brand: Zizzle

Zizzle | WAP | Flower


A cross between Cheetah Piss x Project 4516, The strain known as WAP is a hard hitting indica dominant hybrid that is known to contain higher amounts of CBD than your average strain. Its scent is unique and peppery and displays a wide range of aromas that are citrusy and slightly floral. Its flavor is just as unique, offering a harsh but flavorful smoke that is laced with pine, citrus and kush. Depending on CBD and THC content, some users have reviewed WAP to be more mood elevating and uplifting than your typical indica strain. Many have shared an overwhelming sense of euphoria upon first inhalation that leaves them feeling uplifted and cerebrally elevated. As the effects of WAP start to take hold, many noted feeling a heavy relaxation wash over the body leaving them slightly sleepy, but pain and stress free Deep purple and green in color, a well cured batch of WAP will be heavily coated in gold crystal trichomes that saturate its amber pistils giving it a golden glow.THC levels in WAP average in upper teens and twenties. The dominant terpenes found in our particular batch are Beta Caryophyllene,Limonene and Alpha Humulene.



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