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Brand: Lobo

Venom OG Presidente Blunt | 2g


Venom OG, also known as “Venom” and “Venom OG Kush,” is a indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Poison OG and Rare Dankness #1. It’s marked by dense, forest-green buds with a tangle of bright orange hairs. Venom OG has an aroma of skunk, pine, lemon, and diesel. The Lobo Presidente hemp paper blunt is a quintessential modern luxury. Starting with premium flower, coarsely ground for maximum flavor and burn time, then infused with .25g of kief – this blunt packs a punch. The Presidente is packed by hand into a hemp paper wrap. Finished with a reusable glass tip, for a smooth smoke from start to finish. The Lobo Presidente has a 2 gram fill. Hand-made by professional rollers 2 grams of premium flower and kief infusion Wrapped in hemp paper, no tobacco 100% pure product lab tested with every batch Pesticide free Organically grown flower



About the brand :

At Lobo Cannagar, they roll the best. The finest quality handcrafted organic cannabis products from coast to coast and around the world.

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