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Brand: TONIC

Tonic Sessions | PB Bomb Pre-Roll

Indica HybridTHC:19.3%

 .75 g single joint Made with flower only. No trim. 19% THC Strain type: Hybrid-balanced Nose/Flavor: nuts, sugar woody pine Typical effects: euphoric, relaxing, creative Lineage: Peanut Butter Souffle x Fatso Peanut Butter Bomb puts you in a state of happy ease and contentment while giving you the warm tingles all over. The expansive, uplifting headiness is grounded by a lightness in the body that feels like floating. Does social anxiety make you nervous to smoke in groups of people? This strain is for you. There is a noted ease and flow that comes with a Peanut Butter Bomb Session that somehow even manages to make small talk enjoyable. Peanut Butter Bomb comes on heavy at the onset but settles into a really balanced high that opens up your mind, calms your body, and elevates your vibe. The super peanut-buttery aroma will hit you as soon as you open the tin. The deep, nutty flavor is balanced by woody-pine and fresh floral notes that you’ll smell the very peanut butter-forward aroma as soon as you open the tin and the flavor that follows does not disappoint. The deep, nutty flavor is rounded out perfectly by fresh pine and floral notes and a lingering sugary sweetness on the exhale. TONIC is committed to changing the way you think about pre rolls - no trim, no shake, no "leftovers" - just whole, hand-trimmed buds that preserve the character and quality of the flower while delivering a more convenient way to consume. Each half gram pre roll is crafted with care in organic hemp papers and perfectly packaged in a fully recyclable, conveniently pocket-sized, air tight tin that can be reused to stash your smokes over and over again. Woman Owned | Family Owned and Operated



About the brand :

TONIC is a woman owned, NY born-and-bred brand that has been creating original, innovative, farm-to-shelf cannabinoid products for mind, body and vibe since 2017. We are driven by our love for the plant, the people who consume it, and the earth that provides it. Our products and practices are a reflection of those values, through and through. TONIC’s products seek to embody the spirit of Recreational Wellness™️ - recognizing that fun, joy, and leisure are all key parts of wellness. We are all about creating new ways for people to connect and relate to the cannabis plant - from fun to functional - and acknowledging that wellness is all consumption is centered around wellness… even if its recreational!

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