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Brand: Ruby Farms

Ruby Farms | GMO Vape Starter Kit


[pictured at right, product does not include flower, package contains: (1) 510 battery and (1) 1g THC vape cartridge] Live Resin Diamond Cart Our live oils are derived straight from our fresh-frozen cannabis. When we make our oils, they start with cannabis flowers that were cultivated and perfected over generations to have genetics specifically designed for being fresh-frozen and providing us with peerless oils. Our fresh-frozen cannabis preserves the peak terpene and cannabinoid profile the plant had when it was still in the soil. Meaning that once we create the oil, it’s the most potent product possible. Our Live Resin Diamond Carts deliver an exceptional vaping experience. This is because the luscious and velvety texture (for which “sauce” is named) allows the oil to be vaporized at an even and consistent quality.



About the brand :
Ruby Farms

Ruby is an organic farm to table hemp and cannabis company. We farm and craft plant based remedies with a purpose. To connect your mind, body, and spirit. When your mind and body are balanced and functioning optimally we feel calmer, clearer, and more present.

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