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Brand: Rove

Rove | Cherry Gelato | RELOAD Pod | 1g


CHERRY GELATO • HYBRID Just like its ice-cream counterpart, Cherry Gelato is best enjoyed on a hot summer day or as an end-of-day dessert. This cross of Black Cherry Funk and Acai strains will calm you down rather than amp you up.  Tastes: Cherry, Lime, Tangy Terpenes: Myrcene, Terpinolene, Caryophyllene Effects/ Relief: Relaxed, Creative, Stress Relief Lineage: Black Cherry Funk x Acai 



About the brand :

WHO WE ARE: OUR VISION At Rove, we believe in honesty, simplicity and transparency. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality products that taste great and are created with them in mind. Welcome to our brand, where the best is always getting better. OUR PRODUCTS Our products are made using 100% organically grown cannabis. Creating the ultimate individualized cannabis experience means perfection in every step of the process. From cultivation to cartridge, we do everything in house, and take pride in bringing our consumers high quality, great tasting, transparent products. OUR STORY Rove was born at the intersection of art and science. Our team of long time industry enthusiasts, boasting a combined wealth of experience in cultivation, extraction and laboratory science, joined together with a mission to produce better, tastier, more honest cannabis products.. Interested in Rove?: Email: info@rovebrand.com

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