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Brand: LEAL

Leal - Royal Highness - Pre-Roll


Strain Description: Poddy Mouth is an evenly balanced hybrid strain made by crossing Humboldt Pound Cake and Mountaintop Mint — a Humboldt Seed Company original strain via R&D at Ridgeline Farms (a Serial Emerald Cup winner). The name Poddy Mouth was earned given its dazzling trichome covered bracts; aka “Pods.” In addition to its stellar bag appeal, a gassy, earthy, and slightly sweet aroma will draw you in — and you’ll be rewarded with euphoric and relaxing



About the brand :

Leal was established with the goal of delivering organic, high-quality cannabis to the people. With the name itself meaning “loyalty and honesty,” their team consistently works to provide just that — an honest product that is always of the best quality from start to finish. Rather than simply stating that their cannabis is organic, Leal took the steps to ensure their farm is Certified Kind to prove their growing methods are of the highest caliber and their products are as advertised. Leal is proud to provide premium, organically grown cannabis products to the people of Michigan. Leal is the flagship brand under the Sapphire Farms family of brands. Their 60-acre organic cannabis farm cultivates cannabis for both Leal and Sapphire Farms. Sapphire Farms is a Certified Kind farm, meaning that all of the cannabis grown here is certified organic. Rather than using fertilizer, harmful pesticides, non-organic growing methods, etc. — the cannabis plants at Sapphire Farms are grown in pots filled with living soil and are maintained with organic cultivation practices.

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