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Brand: JENNY'S

Jenny's | Chocolates | 5mg:THC 2.5mg:CBD/Chocolate | 10pk


JENNY’S ELEGANT CHOCOLATES A NOD TO DECADENCE Indulge in the rich and creamy taste of our Elegant Chocolates. These Belgian milk chocolate hearts are infused with crunchy vacuum-baked quinoa, offering a delightful texture and boost of protein with every bite. They’re Kosher and made with all organic ingredients and cannabis extract. For those with specific dietary needs, they’re gluten-free, nut-free, and keto-friendly. The full spectrum cured cannabis resin (hash resin) adds a touch of cannabis magic, making them a luxurious treat. Product Facts: Description: Chocolate hearts with cannabis extract Flavor: Belgian-style milk chocolate with quinoa Shape: Heart Color: Milk Chocolate Brown Serving Size: One gummy is 3.5 grams in weight. Cannabis: Full spectrum cured cannabis resin (hash resin) that includes 5 mg of fast-acting THC + 2.5 mg CBD Recommended serving size: 1 chocolate heart. Jenny’s guidance on cannabis edibles is to “begin low and slow”. If you are a new user, take half a chocolate heart or less, and wait up to 1 hour or more for effects. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so be patient and kind to yourself! Sustainability: Jenny’s packaging is fully recyclable where recycling services are available. Servings per package: 10 chocolate hearts Health and Dietary Intentions: · Gluten-free · Kosher · Keto-friendly · Made in a nut-free environment, and · Made with all organic ingredients · Fast-acting full spectrum cured cannabis resin (hash resin). Ingredients: Organic milk chocolate, organic quinoa, organic cane sugar, organic coconut oil, organic sea salt, organic cinnamon, full spectrum cured cannabis resin.



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