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Brand: Ithaca Organics Cannabis Co.

Ithaca Organics | High Tide | 8mg/Gummy | 12pk


High Tide tropical gummies are fruit-forward edibles with tropical pineapple, key lime, lemon, and tangerine flavors. Our hybrid gummies provide a mellow high that allows you to function throughout the day. They can also be used for relaxation and to help with sleep. Taken as directed, you’ll feel the effects in about thirty minutes for around two to four hours.


HappyUpliftedClear MindCreativeInspiredFocused

About the brand :
Ithaca Organics Cannabis Co.

Ithaca Organics family farm has been growing certified-organic food and hemp for the Tompkins County community for decades. Now, they also grow small-batch, premium, cannabis imbued with the famed terroir of the NY Finger Lakes region.

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