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Brand: Florette

Florette | Albany Sour | Flower 3.5g

Sativa HybridTHC:25.31%

ALBANY SOUR HYBRID / SATIVA THC- 23.31% ** Your Companion for Outdoor Exploration. **This legendary ‘90s strain is a beacon of adventure, blending intense aromas of sour body odor, burnt rubber, and skunky gas to mirror the wild and untamed aspects of nature. As a sativa-leaning hybrid, Albany Sour Diesel is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast seeking to energize their hikes, climbs, or camping trips with a burst of vibrant energy. Its robust potency is a match for the challenges and thrills of the great outdoors, offering an experience as unforgettable as the most breathtaking landscapes. Ideal for those days spent in the embrace of nature or evenings around a campfire, this strain is a nod to the adventurer's spirit, inviting a deeper connection with the world beyond the urban.


Clear MindHappyCreativeEnergetic

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