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Brand: Emerald City

Emerald City | Joke & Toke Infused Pre-Packed Chillum 4pk


A Moonrock in Every Pipe We pack every Joke n’ Toke multi-hit pipe with a deconstructed moon rock: quality flower and premium keef, infused with a fat dollop of clear, clean distillate. We it, "Moon Rock Parfait." Add a few choice terpenes and just the right cannabinoids, and our proprietary blend delivers a signature experience. Intense and long-lasting, Joke 'n Toke relaxes the body, even as it uplifts and energizes the mind. Premium Flower We source our flower from a family of award-winning hemp and cannabis farmers based in the Hudson Valley. Their handcrafted approach and organic farming practices guarantee a potent but balanced hybrid strain with an earthy, herbal tone and NO pesticides or solvents of any kind. Finest Keef Our quality keef increases each pipe’s THC content and enhances the mix of cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, and CBN) present in the flower to deliver a pleasant, elevating smoke every time. Prepare for Takeoff Every Joke 'n Toke smoke starts with a few puffs of sweet, unadulterated flower. Then the heat hits the dab inside and melts it. Warm distillate floods your pipe. 97% pure liquid THC infuses kief and leaf, and the rocket is ready to launch! Jokes! Every Joke ’n Toke pack also includes a card with three jokes. Some homegrown, some handpicked, we present you with not-always-safe-for-work humor to complement your righteous tokes with our wicked jokes.



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