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Brand: urbanXtracts

urbanXtracts | Sour Kosher | Cold Cure Live Rosin | 1g


Cold cure live rosin is produced from freshly harvested frozen flower. The flower is agitated in an ice water bath to remove the trichrome heads, the trichrome/water mixture is then passed through a series of screens to isolate the most desirable parts of the plant (cannabinoids and terpenes). Once the hash has been produced it is dried, sieved, and pressed through filtration bags to further refine the product and remove more impurities or plant matter that may be present in the hash. Once the rosin is produced it is whipped and sealed for an extended curing period until it is ready to be packaged and sold. Live rosin is known for its amazing terpene retention throughout the production process resulting in some of the most flavorful cannabis extracts on the market.



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