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Brand: Spacebuds

Spacebuds | Blueberry Muffin | Moonrocks

Indica HybridTHC:69%

Space Buds Moon Rocks: A Celestial Experience Stellar Composition  Prepare for an interstellar journey with our Space Buds Moon Rocks. Encapsulating the essence of the cosmos, these moon rocks combine four carefully curated elements, each contributing to a truly out-of-this-world experience.  Prime Flower  Each moon rock starts with a core of top-shelf flower, providing a robust foundation for the complex flavors and effects to come.  Bubble Hash Layer  Adding depth and dimension, bubble hash layers onto the flower core, enhancing the intensity and enriching the flavor profile.  Hash Rosin Coating  A generous coating of hash rosin is applied, amplifying the potency and ensuring a slow, consistent burn for extended enjoyment.  Potency & Packaging  Packed into convenient 4-gram bags and delivering a substantial 60-70% total THC, our moon rocks are a powerful choice for those seeking potent, full-bodied relief and recreational users alike.  Enhanced Terpenes  The final touch comes from our blend of cannabis and botanically derived terpenes, hand-selected to provide a harmonious finish and perfect flavor balance.  The Experience  Expertly crafted and thoroughly mixed, every puff of our Space Buds Moon Rocks transports you to celestial heights. Whether you're new to the cannabis universe or a seasoned astronaut, strap in, light up, and prepare for lift-off. 



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