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Brand: Snobby Dankins

Snobby Dankins | Lifter Gift | Full Spectrum Cartridge

SativaTHC:80% - 87.5%

Snobby Dankins Lifter Gift limited vape cart is so delish, you’ll want to pull off of it all day and night. It’s super smooth, perfectly potent, and designed specifically to keep you energized and having fun. Whether you’re going for a hike, or raging with your friends, Lifter Gift is here to enhance! Heady vibes around! The Snobby Dankin’s Sativa Vape – Lifter Gift edition is a premiere sativa vape cartridge powered by a potent combination of a super-charged sativa dominant terpene profile and our Black Lemonade full-spectrum cannabis extract. These two ingredients make for an exhilarating, mind-altering, and definitely dank vape.



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