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Brand: Select

Select " XBITES " | Rainbow Upload | 10mg Gummies | 10pk


Select XBites, Rainbow Upload. - Ten 10mg THC Bites, 100mg THC Total. - Select strives to delight consumers with incredibly effective products based in R&D, science, and technology, while maintaining rigorous and progressive testing. The end result: a cannabis experience that’s always high quality and always pushing the boundaries of what cannabis can be. - Take a bite that goes way beyond with these groundbreaking new gummies. Scientifically engineered with a proprietary liposomal coating, X Bites mimic your body's natural elements to deliver maximum absorption, quicker onset, and extended effects. This is cannabis elevated to the next level.



About the brand :

We're a collective of cannabis lovers and visionaries, cultural connoisseurs, and progress seekers. Down to earth but always up for anything. We believe cannabis is a conduit to elevated moments, experiences, and connections. So we focus on elevating everything we do—from product quality and innovation, to cultural experiences that inspire and connect us. Always with a higher purpose of inclusion, normalization, and progress. Because elevated should be for everyone. This is more than just cannabis. This is cannabis elevated.

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