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Brand: Scandalous

Scandalous | Infused Dark Chocolate w/ Quinoa Crunch | 10mg / 2pk


Indulge in Scandalous Dark Chocolate, where every piece is a celebration of forbidden luxury and indulgent pleasure. Our chocolatiers, masters of their craft, have selected the finest, all-natural single-origin Colombian dark chocolate, infusing it with an ideal dose of premium cannabis. This sumptuous chocolate is married with the delightful crunch of crisped quinoa, creating a symphony of textures to enchant your palate. Presented in elegantly designed packaging, Scandalous Dark Chocolate is portioned into two sublime servings, each containing a precise 10mg of cannabis—crafted for convenience and discretion. Our gluten-free and vegan confection welcomes all to partake in the elegance of upscale gatherings or to add a touch of decadence to the quieter moments. With Scandalous Dark Chocolate, you are not just enjoying a confection; you're embarking on an experience. An experience that's temptingly rich, exquisitely crafted, and unforgettably Scandalous. Savor the moment where luxury meets adventure—one sinful bite at a time.



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