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Brand: Ruby Farms

Ruby Farms | Wedding Cake Artisan Pre-rolls 7pk

Indica HybridTHC:19.2%

The Ruby Doobie harkens back to moments shared with friends and family. Moments when things were real… no pretenses, just positive vibes. The Ruby Doobie’s aesthetic is complemented by the natural and unbleached hemp-based paper that enclose our Ruby Farms flower. This artisanal luxury smoking experience comes in a premium, sustainable comes in our custom vintage copper tin packaging that alludes sophistication and high quality. The Ruby Doobie flower is all single sourced from our farm. Dried and barrel cured in a fully control environment. It is 100% nug rolled. Our standard is for an even burn and white ash demonstrating a proper cure. Ruby Doobie 7 Pack is offers a wide range of cultivar selection that comes from our genetic stable and tailored for taste and effect. "Enjoy a Ruby Doobie"



About the brand :
Ruby Farms

Ruby is an organic farm to table hemp and cannabis company. We farm and craft plant based remedies with a purpose. To connect your mind, body, and spirit. When your mind and body are balanced and functioning optimally we feel calmer, clearer, and more present.

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