Brand: Rove

Rove - Skywalker - INDICA - Disposable Vape 0.35g


SKYWALKER • INDICA Skywalker, an Indica dominant cross between Blueberry and Mazar, is ideal for those who suffer from mild pain, insomnia, stress or anxiety. Users of this potent strain are treated to an out of this world experience, punctuated by deep body highs and feelings of euphoria. Spread the earth beneath your feet and let the forces guide you.?? Tastes like: Blueberry, Tropical, Earthy Terpenes: Myrcene, linalool, b-Caryophyllene Effects/ Relief: Pain, Stress/Anxiety, Insomnia Lineage: Blueberry x Mazar



About the brand :

At Rove, they believe in honesty, simplicity and transparency. Their goal is to provide customers with the highest quality products that taste great and are created with them in mind. Rove products are made using 100% organically grown cannabis, sourced directly from trusted farms in their collective network. Using sub-critical liquid carbon dioxide, they extract a fine quality oil and refine it using only heat and pressure. The golden finished product is mixed with cannabis terpenes, natural terpenes, and fruit extracts for a truly special vaping experience.

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