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Packwoods | Truffle | Live Resin Disposable | 1g


Packwoods TM proprietary custom device design - Packs Pod 1 g disposable, Micro -C port rechargeable, leak proof device with mesh coil and multiple wicking ports. 1g live resin infused with terpenes strain information and breakdown: Truffle, is an indica dominant hybrid strain with delicious notes of ripe cherries and sharp diesel. This vape will leave you feeling relaxed, and locked to the couch. The perfect vape to wind down the day and known to relieve stress and depression."



About the brand :

At Packwoods, We Roll Different. From the way we roll our blunts to the way we roll at our events, we always go above and beyond to show out for the cannabis community. We’re a small group of cannabis connoisseurs, dreamers, and tastemakers who take pride in creating dope shit and sharing it with people like you.

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