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Brand: OMO

OMO | Purple Urkle | Cartridge


True to the strain’s namesake, OMO's Purple Urkel vape is for the customer who enjoys a little bit of funk with their fun. Meticulously crafted in our superior, fully ceramic cartridge, this vape incorporates an exclusive blend of all natural botanical terpenes for a flavor experience like no other. Purple Urkel, best known for its notes of velvety grape, luscious berry, and subtle floral undertones, is also recognized for its potent relaxing effects. So, our promise? A rich terpene tapestry that is a tribute to true cannabis vape enthusiasts, inviting those seeking a one-of-a-kind, smooth, full flavor, and full-body experience. Cannabinoids THC 93.50% THC 93.50% CBD 0% THCa 0% CBDa 0% CBG 0% CBN 0% Terpenes Effects



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