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Brand: OMO

OMO | Maui Wowie | Cartridge | 1g


Let your journey to tropical bliss begin with OMO's Maui Wowie vape. This isn't just a vape – it's a carefully curated experience housed in our superior, fully ceramic cartridge. Maui Wowie, the iconic strain known for its uplifting and euphoric effects, is celebrated beautifully in this vape. What sets it apart? It’s truly a symphony of flavor, featuring waves of sweet pineapple, exotic tropical fruit, and a subtle hint of the island's earthiness – each note perfectly harmonized. Infused with an exclusive blend of all natural botanical terpenes, it transports you to those sun-drenched shores of your favorite small island. This isn't just a vape; it's a sensorial ode to cannabis enthusiasts seeking a truly unique, uplifting, smooth flavored, mind and body journey. OMO warmly invites you to bask in the extraordinary – Maui Wowie style!



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