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Blotter | Fruit Punch | Live Resin Crumble


Fruit Punch is sweet, fruity and tropical. What is Live Resin and why is it special? Blotter Live Resin starts with top-quality flower picked at its peak. It's then frozen immediately to preserve all the flavors and aromas. Then, we extract it with precision, ensuring we preserving the plant's natural profile. The result is a blend of sugary crystals and terpenes that deliver a flavorful and full-bodied experience, true to the strain. Live Resin Sugar can vary in it's consistency. Some batches may have a finer, powdery consistency, while others might be more clumpy or have a gooey, honey-like texture. It's great for those looking explorie the unique flavor profiles of each individual strain. Blotter is grown and extracted in Cortland, New York by a team of passionate farmers and extractors.



About the brand :

New York's first home-grown, legal cannabis concentrate brand. Inspired by underground psychedelia. Fueled by passion. Extracted, formulated, and produced with equal parts precision and vision.

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