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Brand: Bloom

Bloom | Pink Kush | Live Indica Surf Disposable


Pink Kush Pink Kush is a powerful indica with a complex floral aroma reminiscent of blooming cherry blossoms. The result of crossing OG Kush with an unknown strain, it also features an earthy undertone with notes of pine and vanilla. This enchanting strain creates an unforgettable sensory experience, transporting the mind to a world of infinite possibilities. Phenotype Indica Cross OG Kush x Unknown Notes Cloves, Tropical Fruits, Rosemary



About the brand :

Rooted in the industry for over a decade, BLOOM loves nothing more than classic cannabis strains. But, their love for these strains has limitations. Constantly being on the move and living life, convenient products are essential to celebrate the small wins, uplift and reclaim the day. BLOOM - an experience delivered in the most tasteful & practical way.

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