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Brand: Ayrloom

Ayrloom Mood | Rest | 4:1 THC+CBN | Disposable | 0.5g


rest easy with this harmonious blend of earthy + floral aromatic notes. enjoy the natural grounding qualities to help you find peaceful calm + a sense of serenity. aryloom mood’s rest vape may promote a feeling of stress-relief and well-being.


RelaxedSleepyHappyCalmClear Mind
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CBN (Cannabinol) 18%
CBN (Cannabinol)-18% CBN is a cannabinoid that is created during the breakdown of THC by UV light and exposure to oxygen. This breakdown usually begins during the drying and curing process. CBN is most commonly found in older or improperly stored cannabis samples. This compound is mildly psychoactive and is best known for its sedative effects. Strains and products with high concentrations of CBN can be a great choice for users looking to utilize cannabis products to ease restlessness and promote healthy sleep.

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